Pathways Project Opportunities

Participants will have the opportunity to work collaboratively with faculty, residents and staff to develop a project. Projects may include hands-on community work, curriculum development, creating patient education material, teaching, etc. We will target Thursday afternoons for the majority of this work. Although open to any student, these programs may be most appropriate for students who have an interest in primary care or community outreach. In each category, there is a contact person who will help to get you started and will recruit a faculty physician to support your project. You may suggest any project but listed in each category are opportunities currently available.


Cooking classes for:
• Diabetics
• Hypertensives
• Weight Loss
Exercise/Dance/Yoga classes for:
• Adults
• Children
• Teens
• Elderly
Shopping and healthy eating on budget
(Please contact Robin Helm, MD –



Team physician for local high schools and colleges
Athletic training
Fitness and Nutrition at local schools
Pre-participation physicals
(Please contact Robin Helm, MD –



Domestic abuse
Smoking cessation
School programs
• Fitness and Nutrition (FAN Club)
• Ask the doctor
• Literacy
• Body Smart in high schools
Multicultural health education and participation
(Please contact Robin Helm, MD –


Asthma home based program
Diabetes/hypertension education and group visits
Caring for patients at home
Preparing for Patient Centered Medical Home accreditation
(Please contact Robin Helm, MD –



Breast feeding from a patient perspective
Exercise and weight management during pregnancy
OB centering/group visits
Interconception care and education
(Please contact Robin Helm, MD –